About Us



Our vision is a world where every person has access to basic human necessities, compassion and kindness are commonplace, and there is a perpetual concern for the well-being of others.


We restore humanity by taking the opportunity to help whenever, wherever, and however we can – not dictating the terms of our assistance, but responding to the needs of the individuals and communities we are serving


1. Golden Rule

2. All About People

3. Intensive Cross-Cultural Collaboration

4. Prudent Use of Funds & Resources

5. Total Transparency

6. Strategic Fluidity & Patience

7. Drop the Cape


Golden Rule:  We treat others the way we want to be treated.  This means avoiding sensationalizing and perpetuating misconceptions and negative or clichéd stereotypes.  The best way to restore and preserve humanity is to treat the people we serve with the dignity and respect we would want shown to us if we were similarly situated.  Being compassionate requires empathy and kindness—not pity. 

All About People: Everything we do is to further the betterment of people, restoring humanity in each person that we work with through our actions and ideas. The needs of the people we are serving take priority over everything else. However we also take into consideration all of the people involved in what we are doing, our staff, partners, and donors. Restore Humanity=all about people.

Intensive Cross-Cultural Collaboration: RH projects are designed, implemented, and maintained by people from different parts of the world working together to realize a shared vision.  The people within the community we are serving know much more about what they need than we do.  Enlisting their ideas and cooperation cultivates a sense of ownership on their part, which in turn help ensure the success and sustainability of our projects.  Therefore Restore Humanity will necessarily rely on and makes use of the skills, talent, knowledge, and effort of its community partners. 

 Prudent Use of Funds & Resources: We will invest our resources wisely and where it can have the greatest impact within our defined programs.  This means even if we were to receive a large sum of money we would use every penny wisely out of respect for our loyal and generous donors as well as the people we are serving. It is unethical to waste money and disrespectful to both the giver and receiver. We will take measured and careful steps to avoid wasting funds or resources by doing our due diligence up front and along every step of the way.

We also strive to use locally made materials, supplies, and labor whenever possible. This helps the economy, helps to empower the people there and if we use local supplies and labor, then we can maintain what we are doing. We have the capability to fix anything that gets broken. Efficiency is key to Sustainability.

Total Transparency—with everyone, all of the time: our donors, our staff, both the US and global teams—and of course those who we are serving. Transparency ensures both integrity and accountability.

This does not mean we tell people everything all of the time, it just means that there is nothing that is hidden or “off the table” EXCEPT when it concerns someone’s privacy.

Strategic Fluidity & Patience: We take considerate, deliberate actions and steps—yet also strive to be reflective and measured. We build solid foundations and frameworks but leave room for expansion and growth. An accurate appreciation for the reality on the ground should always inform our decision-making. Our intention is to create both solid, sustainable growth and successful projects by taking one step at a time and keeping our eyes open.

Drop the Cape: We are honored and grateful to be doing the work we are doing; it is an incredible opportunity. We must always strive to keep the focus on what we are here to do, not get caught in the “savior” or “superhero mentality”. The work is our reward—it is not about us, it is about the people we are serving. Let us always keep in mind to “drop the cape” and focus on what matters.



Sarah Fennel

Joe Fennel

Miriam Smith

Herbert "Boo" Buchanan

Brandon Hurlbut

Devin Cole

Michelle Fyfe

Jean Ann Fennel

Roger Boskus

Tim McFarland



Restore Humanity was established in Fayetteville, Arkansas by Sarah Fennel on September 6th, 2006. Restore Humanity is an organization exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the IRC.  



The name Restore Humanity was chosen because people needed help in so many ways. By helping them get what they need we are restoring humanity in their lives. At the same time, we are giving and helping others, thus restoring the humanity inside ourselves, creating a full circle. Each person that joins Restore Humanity or helps others in any way can begin to feel a sense of restored humanity within themselves, it is an incredible gift.